Physical versus Spiritual Attraction

Here’s a dissertation which I think is worth a read to provoke our mindset or attitude in determining the main factor which appeals most to us when we look for in a partner.

What is stronger sexual/physical attraction or spiritual attraction?

If you watch commercials on TV, go to the movies, read magazines or have any contact with the current culture, one would say that sexual attraction is king.

One would easily come to believe that sexual/physical attraction must be the main attraction point between people. Even those who agree that physical attraction is not the core of a relationship will often say that physical attraction must first be present to attract people together and then the spiritual attraction and bonding happens.

As I look at the major romantic relationships that I have had in my life, while I was physically/sexually attractive to each person, I would have to say, that the people whom I were attracted were more attractive because of who they were and not because of how they looked. (….cont’d)

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