The 77th Street Kids

Elim Chew & me

Picture taken with Ms Elim Chew, Founder and President of 77th Street at the SGC-SMa Seminar: Success Factors of ‘Mittelstand’ companies.

3 thoughts on “The 77th Street Kids

  1. Ha ha… she’s not my marketplace idol lar… But of cos, she is a good example that I look up to.

    And also this is not my first time meeting her. I knew her before she was this well-known as I used to patronise her Far East 77th Street shop when she just started. I was a Far East kid =p

    I recalled “disturbing” her for discounts for my purchases then. And I was pleasantly surprise that she still remembered me!

  2. Next to her shop on the fourth floor of Far East Plaza is a shop that sells luxury watches, Sheen Antiques, is a good friend of Elim, i know the Boss, also a Christian… Small world.

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