My Easter Tribute to God

Andrew Ong's Easter TestimonyDuring Easter Service on 23 March 2008, I was given the opportunity to share about my 8-year journey with God since the day I made a commitment to follow Him whole-heartedly.

This was my third time being able to testify of God’s love and power in my life to the congregation. And despite having to serve my reservist over that weekend, I was divinely granted permission to leave for that particular Sunday.

I recalled that my first time was sharing my conversion story through “The Time is Now” brochure in 2001. The second time was told by one of the Pastors through his sermon about living a life in God’s purpose with my testimony about my studies in 2006.

However, this third time was done with me sharing live on stage. It was special and I took it as a personal tribute to give God all glory as my Saviour and Lord.

Below is the recorded version of my Easter Testimony: