My Read of the Month:

The Monk Who Sold His FerrariTitle: The Monk who Sold His Ferrari
Author: Robin S. Sharma
Published: 1999
Genre: Motivational/Self-improvement

The author attempts to do a Paulo Coelho with this book as the story begins in a similar fashion like The Alchemist. And like all copy-cats, they can never be as close as the real thing. The story line used to present his inspirational lessons falls really flat.

However, the powerful and practical insights he shares through the book is really helpful for effective living. Very similiar intention of Stephen Covey’s books, but in Robin’s lessons, he derives most of his teachings from new age concepts and neuro-linguistic programme (NLP).

If you are Christian, this book is still a good read as it helps to explain how the heart, mind, soul and body functions as a spiritual being. Just be open and replace the new age jumbo with the word of God in applying the lessons.  And it is a great way to understand these new age beliefs in order to be knowledgable in engaging them with the truth.

Who should read it: Anyone who wants to heighten his/her self-awareness and improve personal development. 

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