Which Way Should I Go From Here?

Looking for directions? Here is a thought-provoking article that I’m certain will provide some help in setting your thoughts in the right direction towards your purpose in life.

Many people ask for advice on which way they ought to go from here, however the issue is they don’t have a clear picture of what their purpose is and therefore where they want to go.

Without a sense of where we want to go, it is no wonder that we become confused by all of the advice that is available to us on how to get somewhere. For many of us it as if we are a sail boat set upon an open sea with out a rudder or compass going where the wind of the day takes us.

I know this feeling intimately for in many ways my life has taken the direction of where the winds of the days have taken it. My life has been a wonderful journey, however in many ways a life without a sense of direction and as I observe others, I find that many people live their life the same way.

So it is no small wonder that many people find themselves working jobs they don’t enjoy, living life’s they are not happy with, in relationships that they do not desire to be in, etc. When we are adrift, it is natural to find ourselves caught up on the rocks, stranded on a sandbar, moored in unknown and unexpected harbors or destroyed by the ravages of storms.

A life without purpose, without direction is a life of existence rather than a life of living. A purposeful life is fueled by passion. A life lived without purpose is an undulating sea of experiences which often leaves us tired, distraught and confused.

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