Erasing That “Black Mark”

After more than a month since I had my tattoo mark on my forehead removed, what is left now is nothing more than a slight scar with no visible traces of ink.

Winning over as many as possible

Actually it took me a long time to decide to do this and I finally caved in in order “to win as many as possible” for Him; to be effective and relevant as His marketplace minister.

I guess with human tendencies to stereo-type and exhibit prejudices, it was something practical to do so that my past (who I was) would not be overly-highlighted more than my new life (who I am today) in Him.

I can do all things in Him

For instance, last 2-3 weeks ago I managed to clinch a job interview, but was later turned down before I could meet them after they learnt of my past when I confessed about my criminal record that happened 12 years ago.

I think this is proof that the Yellow Ribbon Project campaign and its message is not exactly getting through society rite? Ha ha….

In any case, this sort of challenges only makes me more determine to shine for Jesus cos I believe God thrives in adversity as He relishes the chance to exhibit His power for His glory!

Being where I am today, I have already crossed many “mountains”. Therefore, I am confident He will continue to enable me to do so as He has done before, in regardless of the obstacles that will lay ahead in my journey of faith.