The Move of God’s Love

Remember my “big brother” who was miraculously saved by God’s grace some 3 months ago?

Last Sunday, I saw God moved right before my eyes during a rare dinner with about 10 of us. He used Thomas as His mouthpiece to share about his salvation.

Mind you that my old gang (pun intended) of friends were mostly from the traditional chinese background and are never interested in seeking Christianity. So witnessing the entire session was just mind-blowing!

In spite of his limited knowledge of God, I was encouraged how Thomas was able to boldly convey his personal experience with the Lord’s saving grace. He was even able to refute a couple of “attacking” comments!

Apart being glad for Thomas and his growing convictions of God in his life, I am also truly thankful how God is surely and slowly sweeping His love and truth among my friends.

After 8 years, some “seeds” are finally budding and bearing fruits!