A Miracle of God’s Love

Thomas and meLast Saturday, a miracle happened before my eyes. My friend, Thomas received Jesus as His Lord and Saviour.

Thomas used to be my “big brother” during our days in da gang. So you can imagine my mix feelings of unbelief (in a surreal manner) and joy when he said the sinner’s prayer! Ha ha….

His salvation is indeed a testimony of God’s unwavering love for each one of us especially those who are considered a lost cause by people’s standard.

Thankfully God’s standard is always higher than us, man’s. And did I mention that I had been waiting for this day for the past 8 years?!

Wow… Am I bowled over by the love of God!

Thank God for being merciful in saving him from a world of darkness into His marvelous light!


7 thoughts on “A Miracle of God’s Love

  1. WOW, thank God, glory, hallelujah! Jesus really is the Saviour… wow… thank God… it’s such a joy, a wonder, to see how God’s love is so incredibly rich in mercy and grace!!!

  2. I so so glad to hear how your friend came to recieve Jesus finally after your 8 years of prayer for him… It is indeed a testimony of God’s faithfulness and grace, and of your perseverance, bro

  3. Yah, It’s really wonderful to hear that,bro and I’m so amazing that you persevered in praying for your friend during last 8 years.It’s not a short time,was it? I really can feel that how deep your desire to bring God’s love to people

  4. Wow, praise GOD! Our GOD is awesome and may your friend experience this awesome power transforming and blessing his life from this day forth 🙂

    Thank GOD for your heart for him too. It is an encouragement for us who also wait in anticipation for the friends we are reaching out to come to know CHRIST our LORD 🙂

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