God Really Speaks

This is a simple testimony to attest of God’s love for each one of us. And that He really speaks.

During one of my sessions with God, the Holy Spirit led me to pray for a particular person. Her name and face flashed across my mind, and so I just prayed over her.

The prayer

God really speaksI was led to pray for her not to doubt God’s love and faithfulness in her life, and not to give up in her faith in Him.

It was as if God was reassuring her of His love and promises for her through the prayers.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

I believe then, she was going through a tough patch.

God speaks

The next morning, I texted her a message to share with her what God had done and spoken through Jeremiah 29:11 to her. And I left it as that.

It was not after a few days later when I received a text message from her. In her reply, this was what exactly she said…

“Thanks for your prayer…. Remembered I was having lot of bitterness on that night when I about to sleep, doubting God’s promises and confusing am I holding on something that doesn’t exist…. Was shocked in the morning when saw your msg…. Think God really speaks to encourage me through you… Ha ha… Praise the Lord.”

I was pleasantly amazed by God’s love and thankful that I had obeyed the Holy Spirit’s prompting to pray for this person in order to lift her spirits up to continue her walk with God.

Recognising His voice

What if I didn’t hear the voice of God? Or even ignored the prompting of the Holy Spirit?

When He speaks, I want to be able to recognise His voice and obey His lead.

This experience further reinforced the need for me to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. It is when I can hear His instructions for me, then can I only be used by Him.

One thought on “God Really Speaks

  1. New Beginnings Have I Broken Open Before You

    New Beginnings have I broken open before you. It is to be as you walk ahead and see, all that I have now allowed to be released, that your fears will finally cease. You will indeed then fully trust Me and be confident in your walk with Me and then truly you will see, for that is your desire, to walk on with Me.

    I come to show you and your household the way that you will move, for I have opened My Fountain before you this day. Drink deeply from me and satisfy your thirst with Me. Those who cry out to Me to drink, will I certainly lift up, yea, they will not ever sink. Stand firm in your faith, and see My Face, for you have been called to the higher place.

    You will break out of all the former boundaries, out of all the self imposeds restrictions, and out of all your false carnal convictions. I am bringing change to all of the old nature ways and the old carnal sight. Look at Me, and know that I am able to bring you through, for I am He that created you. I can surely guide you into your full breakthrough.

    Cease from your labors and from your toils. You can do nothing to free yourself or to make things easier around you. I am at work in your midst, so stop struggling with Me, and surrender to Me fully.

    You are transitioning through, though you can’t yet fully see the new. It will be as I have said, so continue to just walk with Me by faith instead. You are learning to let Me be your Head.
    -Susan Cummings 3-27-08

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