The Lord delights in those who fear Him

He takes no pleasure in the strength of a horse
or in human might.

No, the Lord’s delight is in those who fear him,
those who put their hope in his unfailing love.

Psalm 147:10-11 (New Living Translation)

One thought on “The Lord delights in those who fear Him

  1. I Am Bending You In My Winds

    I saw in the vision, a vast field as far as I could see, and it was full of tall golden grain. It was storming and dark out, and it was thundering and lightening, and the wind was blowing strongly upon the field. I saw some of the grain bend in the stormy winds, and I saw that some of the grain stood still.

    The Lord then said to me,

    I am bending you in My Winds. I am blowing upon all that was rigid, and inflexible, and unyielding, and rebellious within you, and I am now causing this carnality within you to be changed, and I am bringing forth the full transformation of your will. But you must not struggle against My Winds, you must yield to me even more, and bend all the way to the floor. To the root, know that I am changing you. I cannot allow you to remain entrenched in your will and resistant to the changes that I want to bring. So, in My Mercy, My Winds will increase, till your own carnality finally does cease.

    My Winds are blowing all cross the lands, testing and trying the hearts of man. My Winds have begun to sift, but men still in this hour do arrogantly think that I will lift them in their current condition. No, I will have true transformation before I will release the fuller revelation! I am searching all men, and My Glory will reveal and will deal, until what I am currently fashioning, does reflect Me in Truth and in Sincerity.

    Men do not yet understand My full Plan, and think they can judge the works of My Hand, by what they think they know and see. But I will show that I am God and I will have My Way, as I open more of this New Day. The Sounds of My Winds will increase, as so will the earthly clamor, but woe to those who forsake Me and turn away from My Hand, for they will experience My Hammer. For what I am fashioning is not yet understood, as I do My strange work in this Day. But know that I have come down, to walk with Mine, and to set them free. It shall be as I have ordained it to be. Men shall not touch My Glory, but shall know that I do see.

    So stand, as My Winds do blow across the lands, and know that My Fires and My Rains will also increase as the stronger Winds come and do blow. For I am answering the cries of Mine, and with them I will surely feast and dine. I am bending the proud, and those who will cry out loud, and I will grant grace for them to seek My Face, and then My Righteousness will come down as rain, and bring the transformation all around.

    The sign is in My Winds and in My Rains that have come upon the heels of the Birth.

    But then, who is watching, and who is it that sees Me and is falling on their face?

    Those who are being fashioned of eternal value and of great worth.

    -Susan Cummings


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