Living under Law or by Grace?

Which do you see most in yourself? Print this and circle items which you most see in yourself.


  1. Means thinking my actions or things I do will make people like me.
  2. Brings a preoccupation with self
  3. Fosters an independent spirit.
  4. Will always be critical and judgmental.
  5. Creates high expectation (of performance) — of self and others.
  6. Means fears and anxieties control our life.
  7. Requires strength in ourselves to complete a task.
  8. Means we do not know how to love.
  9. Means we do not know how to forgive.
  10. Means we do not know how to bring others to Christ because we do not know how to bring ourselves to Christ.
  11. Destroys confidence in Christ’s ability to bridge the gap between God’s demands and man’s sinfulness.
  12. Determines worth by what we are doing.


  1. Means believing there is no goodness in us to perform a single act of obedience without the power of the Spirit.
  2. Means believing our sins are forgiven, and we can then forgive others.
  3. Means accepting our position as sons/daughters without condemnation.
  4. Means knowing the power of the flesh (if given into) will bring internal conflict and conflict with others.
  5. Means believing we now have the Spirit’s power to love our neighbor.
  6. Means understanding there is a warfare with the flesh, the world, and the devil, but they are not greater than Christ.
  7. Means believing our life is under God’s sovereign control and that His will is good, acceptable and perfect.
  8. Means learning to go to our Heavenly Father in prayer to settle our problems and to have our needs met.

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