The Amazing Love of God (上帝)

During last weekend’s Chinese New Year church service, we were introduced to the origins of ancient Chinese characters.

Interestingly, Chinese characters have been around for more than 4,500 years and are made up of picture symbols called radicals.

When examined, the different combinations of the radicals point to biblical truths, and suggest the ancient Chinese ‘Shang Di’ (上帝), who was referred to as the Ruler above all, was the same God (Yahweh) worshipped by the people of Israel.

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上帝’s love has no boundaries

With Christianity commonly regarded as a western religion in Asia, tracing back this roots of Chinese actually debunks this notion. And I believe this notion is particularly adopted by our elders or baby boomers.

Personally, I am really bowled over by the amazing love of 上帝. I was reminded about His common grace for mankind and was moved for His pursuing love for me.

No one loves me like He does. Even when I did not acknowledge Him as my God during my pre-believing days, He never stopped loving me.

Just like how He left His imprints of His unwavering love through the timeless Chinese characters to reach out to us, He also did the same to me with the various events that had happened in my life.

I love you 上帝.