My Read of the Month:

Title: The Fourth Dimension, Vol. 2
Author: Dr. David Yonggi Cho
Published: 1983
Genre: Spiritual Development/Leadership
Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

In this book, Dr. Cho who pastors the largest church in the world- Yoido Full Gospel Church shares his personal insights and experiences that he had amassed from his successful faith life.

This second volume presents more bible lessons in comparision to the first volume where it mostly introduced his concept of the Fourth Dimension.

The keys to success according to Dr. Cho is growing in the level of intimacy with the Holy Spirit. From the Holy Spirit, visions and dreams from God give birth in our lives that make up the blueprints to our destinies in God.

He also provides an interesting study on the importance of words and their influence over the kind of life we will have. According to  Dr. Cho, there is power and substance in the choice of words we choose to confess daily. For instance, if we confess we are poor, we will create a poor self-image by our confession. Hence, we will always remain poor.

In spite of it being a 1983 publication, this is still a very helpful read to establish the building blocks towards a power and successful spirit-filled life.

Who should read it: Those who desires to lead a successful faith-driven life