Becoming “BIG” People

Being BIG refers to the magnanimity of our inner being; our capacity to love others and in being secure in our true identity.  

Our “BIG-ness” should not  be solely measured by our qualifications or size of our paychecks, but especially on how well we take care of  the poor and vulnerable around us.

10 Characteristics of Big People:

  1. Big People are GENEROUS
  2. Big People are ACCEPTING
  3. Big People FORGIVE and FORGET easily
  4. Big People EMPOWER others to be successful
  5. Big People don’t try to be BIG PEOPLE
  6. Big People treat “LITTLE” People well
  7. Big People LISTEN
  8. Big People honour LEADERSHIP and accept GUIDANCE
  9. Big People respect MANNERS and “SPATIALITY”
  10. Big People have BIG CAPACITY

I believe we should desire becoming BIG PEOPLE just as our God is a BIG God. My prayer is that I will be able to reflect His likeness. Amen.

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