The Balancing Act for 2009

At the beginning of this year, there were two areas- practical and financial that I felt led to prioritise on in regards to my walk with God.

There was a need to experience more of God’s promises and power in taking these two areas to the next level.

Two areas of growth

Growing practically meant that I needed to grow in my stature with my work towards being a person of value in the marketplace.

Simply because our work is also our God-given ministry and when we excel, God is made illustrious.

In terms of growing financially, I desire to be a better steward with what God has entrusted me with.

I believe as Christ-followers, we need not only need to adopt a kingdom mentality, but be faithful with our finances.

This does not mean we merely hoard or maintain our finances at a certain level, but we need to be actively mulitplying our resources.

With more, we are able to do more. We are able to readily invest and give towards worthy causes that addresses the practical needs of people around us in extending God’s love.

A shift in priorities of growth

After crossing the first-half of this year, upon evaluating, I can gratefully say that these two areas have met their set goals in an unprecedented manner with His divine and undeserving favour upon my life.

Upon evaluating, I sensed that the next course of His direction for me will be to balance the other aspects of my life by prioritising the spiritual and physical areas.

In regards to my spiritual growth, I have made a firm decision to start serving more regularly in my cellgroup’s worship team.

I believe this will further anchor my spiritual roots and keep me under His divine covering as He launches me deeper into the marketplace.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Mahatma Gandhi

I also believe that servant leadership is only best cultivated and understood  by actually doing it.

No amount of reading or knowledge of servant leadership can transform you into a servant leader. You must just do (serve) it.

Racing towards the end

Physically, let’s just say that I recently discovered that I am in bad shape.

I think my body’s condition has dropped to a state of lethargic-ness or even ‘sloppiness’. Ha ha…

To get back in shape, I have signed up for the Singapore Marathon 21km run in December. Doing this, I’m now ‘forced’ to embark on my personal weekly running regime.

I’m confident with God, this year will end even more glorious than the previous year. And I’m going all the way!

4 thoughts on “The Balancing Act for 2009

  1. my bro, way to go. Since you have set your goals in stone, JUST DO IT with all His power, grace & wisdom. You have my support & admiration.

  2. eh, wan to sign up free trial @ my gym?
    1 week pass.
    Heard from the guys (who runs marathon) that the cardio classes helped built their stamina too.
    I do agree, really.

  3. Awesome! Man! Let’s continue to grow stronger in the Lord! Let’s end the race and keep the Faith!

  4. Jonathan & Lawrence:

    Thanks guys for your encouragement that will give me a good boost in my journey ahead 🙂


    haha… Thanks for the lobang… Will consider it and let you know 🙂

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