My recent Family Trip Experience

My recent trip to Perth with my family was an answered prayer.

It was a fabulous and much needed platform for our family to bond.

And especially since we have never spent that much time together for more than 15 years.

Loving my family

Personally, this trip revealed more of my self-centredness.

Being in close proximity with my family helped me in measuring my level of love for them.

So I am grateful that the more than one week together in turn provided the opportunities for me to increase my love towards my family members by serving them.

And being the eldest of my siblings, I think had not much of a choice lar… Ha ha…

Proud of my family

Given our family’s past background and that of my two brothers having families of their own, the trip thrusted us into a situation where we had to be one BIG family.

But of cos, in such a situation, it could have either break us or make us. 

And I’m relieved and thankful to declare that we made it as a family by His grace! Ha ha ha…

Lastly, if I could give thanks for one takeaway from this trip, it would be how it has allowed me know my family members better and appreciate them even more.

For instance,  I was able to witness how my two younger brothers played their roles as a husband and father to their own families.

This has helped me developed a new found respect and love for them. As their elder brother, I’m really proud of them!


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