Title: The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything
Author: Stephen M. R. Covey
Published: 2006
Genre: Business Management/Self-improvement
Ratings: 3.8 out of 5 stars

With our world greatly plagued by scandals and corruptions that have eroded the level of trust among people, this book is a timely read and attempt to put things right.

Trust being an integral element in relationships have often being taken for granted. In this era where there is a depper desire for accountability in governments, churches or any other organisations, this book by leadership expert Covey (son of Dr. Stephen Covey) is a welcome guide to nurturing trust in our professional and personal lives.

This book is well-researched and meticulous in its presentation which is very helpful in not only feeding the cognitive appettite, but it also provides practical steps in building a life of trust.

However, the book is awfully thorough that becomes too lengthy that it actually needs to. Still, this book makes a good read with great concepts such as trust being the “hidden variable” in the formula for organisational success.

The traditional business formula is: (Strategy x Execution = Results). But there is a hidden variable: (Strategy x Execution) x Trust = Results.

Interestingly, I realised that Singapore is one exception where this trust formula does not apply. Cos whether high or low trust, our government is still able to execute its strategies without any resistance. True? =p

Who should read it: Business-owners, leaders, management and PMETs. Also for those who like to develop personal character.

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