At 32 and thankful too

Early this month, I had turned 32!

Yes… I may be another year older, but I’ve also arrived to¬†another level of happiness as well =p

This year’s birthday, I’m thankful for 3 things in my life and I’m look forward to 2 exciting next steps or prayers to be answered.

The three thanksgivings points are:

1. My wife. She’s a gift from above and has been a divine support in this transitional phase in my walk with God. I’m the most blessed man on earth!

2. My family. Regardless of what we’ve being through, without my family I would not be who and where I am today. I’m learning to express my love and appreciation for them in more creative ways.

3. My job. I enjoy what I do despite being busy and confronted with a steep learning curve. I relish a noble challenge that develops my potential and enjoy learning what I believe will be pivotal in the near future.

My two prayer requests for the road ahead

The spiritual health of my marriage tops the list. With us less than a year as husband and wife, I’m praying that we will flow as one in His vision and purpose.

I’m believing that as we seek His kingdom and righteousness, He will build and prosper our marriage in every way.

Secondly and lastly, I’m praying for His promotion by leading me to the role where He has prepared for me where I can be of further influence in transforming our society.

And this may not necessary be confined to my job, but in a broader view of fulfilling His kingdom purpose in the marketplace through doors that He has opened for me.

Now at 32, I’m ever more thankful for His grace and goodness in my life. And I cannot resist not shouting His fame in all that I do and become.

“God…. here I am, use me.”