Sync-ing with God

I’m a user of the remarkable and revolutionary iPhone.

I absolutely love the Apps and iTunes that are available to make daily life more convenient and enriching which distinctively sets it apart from an average phone.

However, I discovered that the iPhone becomes an average phone when under utilised. And this happens when it has never or is not regularly synchronised for updates.

Apparently, the iPhone needs to be updated with newer versions or entirely fresh ones to serve new needs and be constantly relevant.

Likewise, the same can be said of ourselves. We are like iPhones- His remarkable creations that were destined to lead revolutionary lives.

Unfortunately, many of us either ignore or forget to synchronise our lives with God regularly. That usually leads us to living a life of discontentment and  mediocrity.

Being in sync with God, allows Him to meet our needs as bio-psychosocial and spiritual beings.

This enables us to grow holistically; not living life under ‘utilised’ or a life of mediocrity. But one enriched with distinct fullness.

So have you sync with God today?

If you have not, don’t wait any longer. Plug in and sync with Him and receive new downloads of visions and dreams for a new life of relevance and purpose!