This year’s Christmas

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Christmas.

Besides the opportunity to present gifts to my family and friends, it was also a time of expressing appreciation for their involvement in my life.

This year was also special because I spent it with my wife. Our first Christmas together.

However, nothing excites me more than knowing that members of my family or friends leaping in faith to embrace Christ into their lives.

This year, my sister-in-law finally received Christ and including my eldest niece. This has been an answered prayer not only for me, but for my brother too.

Much credit to the Children Church ministry of City Harvest Church. Their volunteers have been relentless and faithful in caring for my nieces for the past year.

I believe their love and service had greatly influenced my brother and his wife into attending church regularly and inching closer to God.

Beautiful are the souls of those who avail themselves to be vessels of God’s love. And all for His glory!

One thought on “This year’s Christmas

  1. Its always a joy when those close to us put their trust in Him. I suspect your life transformation also was a seed that lodged in their heart finally bore fruit.

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