Winning the future: energy security

This is a recent speech by US President, Obama on its nation’s energy security plans to stay ahead in the 21st century global economy. 

Worth the watch for those who are unfamiliar with this global subject that affects each one of us.

One thought on “Winning the future: energy security

  1. This speech was made after he announced sending troops to Libya. Brand me a skeptic but I’m not buying most of what he shared especially about the goals set.

    Come on! Reducing oil imports by 1/3 by 2025?? Sounds nice and noble but isn’t that too far ahead? By that time, he would no longer be the president and the buck has once again pushed to the next future presidents.

    Before Obama, his predecessors- Bush(s), Clinton, Reagan etc… all had promised the same thing. But nothing had been done.

    Ultimately, what americans and the world want is ACTION! We are living in peril times and we need swift action to put a halt on destructive habits that puts our younger generations in jeopardy.

    So let’s wait and see if ACTION does spring forth from this. But I seriously doubt so. Politicians say wat they want to gain popularity. And that’s what this speech was about considering the situation.

    But I hope I’m proven wrong.

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