Easter in Saigon

Sharing at ICF@HCMThis year’s Easter I had the privilege to share my life story at the International Christian Fellowship of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Like all my previous sharing, the focal point of my testimony has always been about my experience with God’s love and His transforming power.

However, every sharing takes on a different dimension. And I’ve noticed that my testimony (and  including myself) has been undergoing a ‘pruning’ process.

In fact, I suspect God is preparing me for greater things ahead especially with my project that I’m embarking on.

Curious to know what it is? Stay tuned then. Haha…

In the meantime, here’s wishing everyone a Happy Easter! Christ is risen!

He IS the life and the resurrection! And I’m going to live my life with His power!

A New Lease of Life in Christ

Two years ago, I witnessed a good friend of mine, Thomas responding in receiving Christ in his life.

That was a miraculous moment!

Two weeks ago, I witnessed Thomas responding again.

This time it was obeying the call to follow Christ whole-heartedly with the baptism of water.

Now that was an awesome moment!

Resurrecting from the dead

Jesus said, “I’m the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies”. (c.f. John 11:25).

As symbolic as the baptism is of burying our old-self in the watery grave and resurrecting as His new creation with the life Christ, I’m delighted for Thomas as he is experiencing a new lease of life through Christ.

Are you sick in your body?

Is your marriage in shambles?

Are you facing a road block or a dead end in your career?

Are you in saddled by mounting debts?

Is your dream buried and tucked away as a lost cause?

Are you in bondage with a destructive habit(s)?

Jesus is not dead. He is alive! He is not against us. He is for us!

This easter, remember the resurrecting power of Christ and unleash His power in your life. I guarantee that your life will never be the same again.

My 2008 in a Glance

1. My unforgettable answered prayer

It has to be meeting that special someone in early 2008. Not only was it unforgettable, but also an unexpected prayer that was answered almost immediately that caught me totally off-guard. LOL…

2. My greatest breakthrough

In 2008 I had experienced scalability in sharing God’s love with greater influence. Last year alone I had opportunities to share to an audience and two major occasions were on Easter and Christmas.

In my early walk with God, I usually share my testimony in one-to-one sessions more frequently. Now, God has increased that level of outreach where I can share to a wider audience in one single session.

3. My memorable experience

This has got to be the period when I was in the valley of decision-making towards moving to another church. The process was agonising and draining.

That experience was memorable as it was tough in every aspect but also served as a good test on my relationship with God. It also helped me to see the true substance of my love, faith, values and beliefs in Jesus; what my relationship was built upon and whether or not it was dependent on the ‘safety net’ of religious routine, obligations and culture.

4. My happiest and elating moment

It has to be my ‘big brother’, Thomas’ salvation in June 2008. Actually, his salvation is another unforgettable prayer that was answered after more than 8 years. The other has got to be my recent spiritual conversation with my 7-year old niece, Jacqueline.

5. My lessons learnt about God

Never limit God. He is full of surprises and He has great plans that will blow your mind and imagination away if you are open to Him. He is ever-ready to bless us exceedingly and abundantly if we only dare to believe and ask!

6. My lessons learnt about my own-self

I’ve learnt how I cannot stand the status quo. I’ve also realised that I have been gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit which I intend to put to good use for His kingdom purpose.