Happy 28th Birthday to me

I had whizzed past 28th year of life yesterday.

Honestly, crossed my heart, I wasn’t really anticipating to celebrate. After all birthdays are just like any other day. But I had appreciated what my brothers and sisters from the Unit did for me and doing their best to make it special for me.

However, I realised last night that I prefered a more cosy and intimate time with loved ones during such occasions. More meaningful. At least that was how I felt lar… I guess it happens as one gets older… Ha ha…

So what does 28 means to me?

It means I am on my way to my peak and not there yet. Still in ‘training’ and will get there pretty soon (in His timing of coz). Maybe in 5 – 10 years time? Ho ho…

Anyway ‘peak’ refers when I’m living life tapping on my fullest potential and maximising it to reap optimum results. It can also refer to ministry, career, love life and relationships around me.

In Marslow’s hierrachy of Needs, ‘peak’ can be associated with self-actualisation.

What was my favourite gift?

The genuine love and thoughtfulness of the people around me including my immediate family.

How is this year’s celebration different from last year’s?

More simple and less challenging ‘sabos’. Ke ke ke…

How am I different since last year’s birthday?

Mmmm… got to admit that I’ve got a bigger tummy. Ha ha…

But on a serious note, I think I have become more MAN- I know who I am, what I stand for and what I am aiming for as a person.

God has refined and defined me in Him.

This year’s wish?

Having clarity of God’s direction for my life after I graduate in October, and that He may reveal some specifics in due time including my ‘Fatima’ (Ha ha… only those who read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho will understand).

Wow… can’t wait sia… everything ahead is so uncertain and full of opportunities!

I’m like a butterfly just waiting for that moment to spread its wings from its cocoon!

So please pray for me… Gam Xia (Thank you)!

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