Two down and one more to go

Two days ago was my youngest brother’s big day. Now that two has walked down the aisle, there’s only one more left- ME! =p

This was a huge family coming together and more bigger than the first (with my younger brother). I guess that as a family we had learnt from the first experience and this time round had it better planned and managed.

For a positive change, not only was my mum much more involved in this wedding, even I was roped in to contribute. I produced their photo montage and played host/emcee for the wedding dinner. This wedding somehow got the family together. Thank God!

Apart from the sabo-ing my brother as emcee and catching up with my relatives, my personal highlight of the event has to be God.

God made His presence known when He led me to give thanks or grace for dinner before everyone. There were approximately 18 tables in total.

Initially, I was contemplating against it for respect to the muslims and non-believers who were presented. But I reckoned that there wouldn’t be much harm since in Singapore, there is a high level of tolerence towards other’s religious belief. So with faith, I gave thanks (with my brother’s approval) but tactfully saying, “On behalf of the bride and bridegroom, I would like to give thanks or say grace for the food.”

And so I did, “in Jesus’ Name.”

Phew… though thankfully no one walked out offended, but more importantly God was glorified. 

I sincerely believe that the prayer part was something unexpected in a normal wedding dinner programme for those presented. And I want to believe that somehow it left an impression in their minds and God in their hearts.

One thought on “Two down and one more to go

  1. hey mate thats awesome that you were able to proclaim Jesus’ name =) … and I pray you will get the opportunity to be the bridegroom too in God’s timing.

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