2 thoughts on “Obedience to God is key to growth

  1. Obedient is more important than sacrifice.
    Obedient is an attitude,
    Sacrifice is an act or action.
    Attitude is what happen.
    One thing God give us the free will, is our attitude, if God did not give us this free will – we are just like robot.
    Well, Yesiang – you afraid of losing treasure in heaven, fear of Jesus say – no all the people call me Lord, are My people.
    Well, if your attitude is right, there is nothing to afraid.
    Let me tell you, for those whose heart don’t align with God’s word and promise. Even they do a lot for the Church, they will end up nothing.
    I guess when they reach their final destination and meet God and God say that to them – they will stomp their heart with angry fist.
    Let me ask you, what made King Saul lose glory from God. He did make sacrifice. But at that moment, he was not allow to make the sacrifice. It was Samuel’s duty to make the sacrifice. King Saul had make his choice to please men than God. His attitude defiled him, so what is point of make sacrifice if one’s heart is not right.
    Another example is Cain, son of Adam.
    You can compare Cain and Abel, too.

    Remember, it is not what action you take that define you, but it is always some bad attitude that defile you away from God’s glory.

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