Plugging in

Lately, I’ve sensed deeply a lack of capacity in ministering and leading others towards God. Like got no power like dat…

Siao liao…

I concluded that my present situation was God attempting in taking me to the next level with Him. However it seems I am still operating in the same mode. Hence the “inadequecy” It is similar in how it is incompatible to run a Windows Vista system on a Pentium II computer. The hardware just doesn’t have the capacity to contain and run such a robust upgraded system.

Likewise, God is unable to pour more of His power and love in my current mode. I need to stretch the “wineskins” within me to hold more of Him as responsibilities and obligations mount up.

That is why though sick at home yesterday, I was rather thankful for the time to rest. Besides sleeping more, I was blessed with some “contemplative pathway” moments with God. Ha ha…

I have learnt over these few years that our public lives should never take precedence over our private lives.

This is the “inside-out” approach where I know I have to constantly plug-in into His word and presence to draw ‘nutrients’ to strengthen my inner man to withstand and shine thru the daily demands of this world. (Psalm 1:1-3)

Looks like more time of deep plugging in for me.

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