Be ambitious for Christ

I visited Pastor Jeff’s blog  and included this abstract (below) here cos its kinda ‘links’ with my recent entries.

Check it out…

The motto of our generation is, “Safety first.” Many young men are looking for a safe job in which they can feather their nest, secure their future, insure their lives, reduce all risk, and retire on a fat pension.

There is nothing wrong in providing for your future, but this spirit pervades our lives until life becomes soft and padded and all adventure is gone. We are so thickly wrapped in cotton wool that we can neither feel the pain of the world nor hear the Word Of God…

Jesus did not remain in the social immunity of heaven, or hide away in the safety of the skies. He entered the zone of danger, risking contamination…

How can we make safety our ambition?

By Rev. Dr. John R. W. Stott

One thought on “Be ambitious for Christ

  1. Hello, Andrew!
    Since when you are so “on” on financial stuff. As your recent blog – be ambitous for Christ, well I can say a lot of people are not that “on” – mission require the spirit of “I” and “on” if not then it will ended up miss. When Jesus “on” His mission, He focused “I” – meaning His participation on the work Himself.
    Some time we also must reflect on the “mess” in our past, by doing so it become a “mess”age to others.
    Catch up with you other time!

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