Some of my Dreams…

I was compiling a list of things that I labelled as Dreams which I hope to achieve in my life-time.

They are:

  1. Watch a ‘live’ match at The Theatre of Dreams, Old Trafford- Home of the Red Devils
  2. Swim to Malaysia from Singapore
  3. Doing a Masters or MBA
  4. Setting up a global foundation to raise fund to champion charitable causes
  5. Running an organisation in leadership development to shape the future
  6. Visit Jerusalem where Jesus walked
  7. Have a talk show like Oprah or Tyra Banks that serves as a ‘voice’, ‘comforter’ and ‘role model’ for the masses
  8. Publishing own magazines and self-authored books to communicate and impact lives 
  9. Creating a personal online portal to reach and influence the world
  10. A 2nd chance in building a business system
  11. Being able to serve His Church full-time without needing to be placed on a payroll 
  12. To witness Man United lift up the EPL Champions Cup this season! =p

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