9 Remarkable Stats on Google


Read some of these remarkable stats on Google compiled by Jeff Jarvis:

  1. Google is the “fastest growing company in the history of the world.” – Times of London, 1/29/06
  2. Google controls 65.1% of all searches in the U.S. at the end of 2007 and 86% of all searches in the UK, according to measurement company Hitwise
  3. Google was searched 4.4 billion times in the U.S. alone in October, 2007 (three times Yahoo), says Nielsen. Average searches per searcher: 40.7
  4. Google’s sites had 112 million U.S. visitors in November, 2007, says Nielsen
  5. Google’s traffic was up 22.4% in 2007 over 2006, according to Comscore
  6. Google earned $15 billion revenue and $6.4 billion profit in 2007, a profit margin of 26.9%. Its revenue was up 57% in the last quarter of 2007 over 2006, says Yahoo Finance. As of late 2007, its stock was up 53% in a year. The company has a market capitalization of $207.6 billion
  7. Google controls 79% of the pay-per-click ad market, according to RimmKaufman. It controls 40% of all online advertising, according to web site HipMojo
  8. Google employed almost 16,000 people at the end of 2007, a 50% increase over the year before
  9. Google became the No. 1 brand in the world in 2007, according to Millward Brown Brandz Top 100

7 thoughts on “9 Remarkable Stats on Google

  1. Come to think of it, you might be right about the comparison of their effective-ness in churning out the right results.

    But I think Google edges Yahoo because of its success in communicating and attracting the right audience with their brand identity and innovative-ness.

    Just like Coca-cola and Pepsi, Coca-cola remains the undisputable no.1 cola drink despite tasting not a good as Pepsi.

    Its brand communications.

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