My Grassroots Outreach Debut

Grassroot meetingToday, I attended my first grassroots meeting for my neighbourhood! This was something that I wanted to do very much as part of my community outreach in staying in touch with the ‘ground’.

I was invited as an observer for my first meeting. And I really did not know what being an observer meant, but I assumed it was “just to watch only”. So you could imagine how challenging it was for me to play that role and sitting still for two hours. Ha ha…

Despite living in my neighbourhood for more than 20 years, it was funny how it was my first time seeing most of the faces in that room. It was really a good mix of people in terms of race, gender and age. There were about 25 of us.

Personally, it was an eye-opener and a humbling experience. It was fascinating to see this group with such diversity working together to get things done as they ran through the meeting’s agenda.

When we came to the part- Feedback on Government Service/Policies, I was all geared up to listen what most of them would discuss. But as expected, it was the usual. Most complaint about the raising costs.

The amusing part of that discussion came:

“Complain… complain, so how? What do you suggest?”

“I think we can suggest that RC members get 10-15 per cent discount off Fairprice house-brand products”

“Ya it is time to re-look into revising RC members’ benefits and privileges”

I guess just like how our ministerial leaders’ salaries need to be revised in accordance to the market, what more for grassroots leaders’ benefits and privileges rite?

If not, how to retain talent correct?? =p

6 thoughts on “My Grassroots Outreach Debut

  1. typical leadership style. Self before others. Remind me why i have no intention of moving out of Potong Pasir

  2. Just came here to thank you visiting me. Although I don’t know about grassroots meetings I think observing is always a good way to learn. Wish you good luck.

  3. observer..1st time will be like that. then subsequently you will be asked to voice out your opinions etc.. it is a good oppoportunity to get to know people and be invovled in the community.

    I also do join the youth activities organised at JB CC though i’m not staying around that area. It’s an eye-opener and good experience. esp. now they are encouraging more grassroots volunteers.

    Your blog is great too! =)

  4. I attended such “meetings” with my dad when I was still a kid! Those overhead projector slides always fascinate me! haha


    I am linking you at my blog! 🙂

  5. Hi. I am contributing my service to my community as a grassroots leader in managing a sports team for 2 years. I have heard that grassroots leaders have certain benefits and wish to clear my doubts in that. I also asked some of my fellow grassroots leaders and turn out to be accused of being greedy. I just wish to know as I think we have the rights to know what we deserve yea? Can you help please?

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