Where Every School is a “Military” School

I chanced upon the following entry which I thought was most disturbing because in my opinion, what was presented seemed to bare an element of truth. If this is really true, then I understand better why I am the way I am today. Do read it and decide for yourself what is the truth.

Dr. Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Education and Second Minister for DefenceNothing is accidental in Singapore. I have come to learn that these past nine years.

It is no accident, therefore, that Singapore’s education ministers come from military backgrounds. They are all former staff of the armed forces. Clearly, they have been chosen for a reason. Clearly, they are expected to bring their military experience to bear on the task of guiding the nation’s education.

A military man is not to be put in charge of education, unless one wants that education to have a military flavour. That military men are always chosen, to be education minister, rather confirms the impression of my South American friend, that Singapore’s schools are rather like military schools from overseas.

Indeed, it is most telling that the new education minister, whose name eludes me right now (he has just been appointed), is also, as I understand it, 2nd Minister for Defence. The connection between education and the military could not be more explicit, therefore.

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2 thoughts on “Where Every School is a “Military” School

  1. if u hv gone thru teaching in our pri sch like wat i did….u will understd why we need military pple to take care of education industry…haha

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