God’s Masterpiece Part 2

Taking the step of faithContinuing where I had left off

In late 2000, my eyes was drawn to a recruitment ad which was looking for restaurant servers. I felt led and so I called, to which an interview was arranged.

To my utter surprise, I landed the job with Morton’s of Chicago after the interview. I knew that besides having prior experience in the service industry during my school days, God was orchestrating all these possibilities.

Deciding to take the step of faith and now actually taking those steps was scary, yet amazingly thrilling.

It was good to be walking in God’s plan and will.

Adapting to my new job

Shortly, the reality of my new job sunk in, especially when peers asked me what I was doing.

Telling them where and what I was working was challenging as in a worldy viewpoint, I seemed to have down-graded in my profession. However, from God’s viewpoint I knew that He was upgrading me.

Though I didn’t know fully then why God led me to that new job, but I enjoyed it. As a server, I had to embrace humilty and consequently I found my passion in serving people.

Through this phase, my security and identity in Him was truly instilled.

God knows best

Subsequently after a few months in my new job, God led in my decision to study full-time in a Bible Seminary ran by Hope Singapore Church. That was when I realised how much more of the job was part of God’s plan.

Miraculously, Morton’s allowed me to convert from full-time to a part-time. This not only allowed me to have sustainable income, but enabled me in coping with the demands of my 9-month stint as a seminary student.

God knows best and through Him, I completed the seminary course and awaited for His next step for me.

(To be cont’d…)

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