God’s Masterpiece

In retrospection of my life in Christ, I got to say that God is good.

7 years ago, I came into His Family with nothing- no proper qualifications (secondary school drop-out), no career prospect (failed DJ business), no home (estranged family relations), no close friends, no character and no life purpose.

Now after 7 years…  

  1. Completed a Bachelor’s Degree programme
  2. Working in a job I could only dream of in the past
  3. Living with my mum; reconciled with my dad; talking with my brothers
  4. Surrounded by great brothers and sisters in Hope
  5. Holy Spirit and God’s word renewing me from within
  6. His vision has become my life purpose of serving others

To me these accomplishments are not just achievements, but more importantly to me, they represent and testify of God’s power, goodness, faithfulness and grace working actively in my life.

It is like God’s nimble and careful Hand piecing together the pieces of my shattered life for these passed 7 years.

I remember when God first spoke to me then, to quit my work as a DJ in the nightscene. I struggled…

What else can I do God? I got no paper qualifications and being a DJ is my bread and butter. You sure or not?

Little did I know that then, that was very call from Jesus to be His fishers of men. (c.f. Matthew 4:18-21)

(To be cont’d…)

5 thoughts on “God’s Masterpiece

  1. God is good! He blesses you so, so much cos You are His!! You are His child and He weeps with joy for you!!

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