My Wish-list for My Singapore 2009

This may be wishful thinking, but I thought to myself, “What the heck! Anything is possible rite???” LOL…

Here’s a compilation of nine wishes for a better and more fun Singapore to live in for 2009:

  1. Change the repeated and boring format of our annual National Day Parade (NDP). Cut the “show-off” parade and bring back SWING Singapore!
  2. Housing Development Board (HDB) to make housing more affordable for Singaporeans with a non-for-profit approach.
  3. Abolish the People’s Association (PA) as a needless organisation since there are already so many communities and clubs available for Singaporeans and they can do a better job in helping residences.
  4. Emergence of a visionary, credible, competence and rich political leader and party to take on our ruling party on leveled ground.
  5. The liberation of alternative voices with another mainstream paper to give another perspective from the ruling party’s- The Online Citizen goes mainstream. Yes I’m biased. Ha ha…
  6. Singapore and Malaysia re-merged as a sovereign nation giving our elderly more choices to decide where they would like to retire. And also encourages a diverse and synergistic economy.
  7. More flexibility and control over our CPF savings. Being able to decide when we want to use it and how we want to use it. E.g. Capital for starting a business.
  8. A new current affairs talk show that highlights some of the societal gaps in Singapore as we work towards nation building. This is a great form of feedback for our government. But I reckon they’re not so ready for open criticisms and discussions of their shortfalls in full display on national tv..
  9. The retirement of our Minister Mentor. Though he has my utmost respect, I think he should let the Prime Minister be the Prime Minister for his generation.

Which of these do you think will happen first??

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