My Read of the Month:

Title: The Present : The Secret to Enjoying Your Work And Life, Now!
Author: Dr. Spencer Johnson, M.D.
Published: 2003
Genre: Motivational/Self-improvement
Ratings:2.0 out of 5 stars

This book is written by the bestseller author that gave us “Who Moved My Cheese?”. Similarly, the author attempts to help readers rethink about their outlook in life and empower them to live their lives fully.

In “The Present”, Dr. Spencer shares about how The Present is made up of three parts. He uses a metaphor of a tripod supporting a valuable camera.

The tripod with its three supporting legs are: Living in the present, learning the past and planning for the future. Remove one leg and the tripod topples. But supported by all three, it works. And so will our work and life.

Being not in the present, we will not be aware of what is going on. Not learning from our past, we are not ready to plan for the future. If we have no plan for the future, we are adrift.

A good read to gain self-awareness, but not deep enough to really provide the necessary insights to live this principles out.

Who should read it: Anyone who desires or needs help in having a quick evaluation of his/her life and priorities.

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