Achieving our goals

Most of us will undeniably encounter obstacles as we plan and set to achieve our goals.

More often than not, these obstacles are psychological (and spiritual) and cripple us in forms of procrastination and intimidation.

Lesson from my marathon

For instance, when I ran for my first 42km marathon last year, I was intimidated by the excruciating stretch that the extensive distance demanded of me.

That fear would also lead me to procrastinate in sticking to my regularly regime of training.

But while running, I realised that my goal of reaching the finishing line was static and was not the threat.

The actuality was that I or rather my negative thinking was the real threat coming between me and my goal of completing the marathon. 

Overcoming the barrier

Similarly, the key to achieving our goals is primarily overcoming the psychological barrier between us and our goals.

As mentioned, our goals whether to lose weight; to earn that first million bucks; to snag that promotion; to get attached or to rid off of a bad habit, they are static and just waiting for us to reach them. 

In other words, there is no reason why we cannot achieve our goals if we are willing to invest what is necessary and work hard towards reaching it.

Our goals may be static, but we are not. We have the ability or power to act and align ourselves to achieve our goals.

As a child of God, we need to know our birth right and His promises for a full life in Him. Our goals are only impossible to achieve unless we think and say it is.