Ten years on…

Ten years ago or a decade back, my life was a huge heap of a mess.

Back then

I was wasting away on party drugs.

On almost any given night, I was popping ecstasy and snorting ketamine just to chase that next thrill.

I was also delusional about the whole concept of love especially after my family broke up.

That left me incapable of love and commitment. Hence, one-night stands were my preferred way of relating to the opposite sex.

I was just some young, wayward and uneducated kid on his way to total destruction. 

I felt alone and saw no hope in life.

Here now

Ten years on, my life is full of renewed hope and purpose!

I am set free from all the vices that had a grip on me including smoking and drinking.  And the thrill I now chase is being in the presence of God.  

Now I’m committed in marriage with a beautiful lady. And the whole concept of love makes perfect sense.

God is love and only in Him can we experience and offer that true unconditional love.

Unfortunately, now I’m  no longer that young. Haha…

But He has made me forward-looking as I know that I’m an empowered child of God on his way to live his life to the fullest of his potential according to His promises.

And now with Him, I know I’m not alone as I’m part of the Church- my spiritual family and I see a great future lying ahead for me. 

God is good!

5 thoughts on “Ten years on…

  1. God is the same yesterday, today and in future as well!!! Real thankful for His grace towards you bro, otherwise you won’t be teaching me the word of God today 🙂

  2. so beautiful! your testimony never fails to enc and bring joy to my heart. this is what the gospel is all about … that God loves us… and is more than able to save us! 😀 hallelujah!

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