His timing

One of my pains when I was enduring through my studies was the lack of time to catch up with my friends- old and new. My fear was that I might lose touch with them.

But since completing my studies, I have observed how God has led me to them one by one in His timing. And when I meant His timing, I must say that it really is His will.

After catching up with most of them, I realised that during my time of studies (4 years), some were overseas, others busy with their careers and there were some with their new families. So in fact, I hadn’t really lost touched. 

Even if I had the time then, they wouldn’t have the time. But now, most of us are more or less settled in life. So it’s really His perfect timing as most of us will be thinking about our lives and the meaning behind in all.

One thought on “His timing

  1. To My Brother Andrew,

    Ask and it will be given you,
    Seek and you will find,
    Knock and it shall open for you.

    Ask God for an idea, it will be given to you,

    Seek advice and you will find good advice,

    Knock a upon the door, and the door of opportunity will open to you.

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