My old school mates

Met up with my old primary school mates some time back to celebrate a classmate’s twins’ 1 year birthday.

It was really a feeling of some kind to see my old mates after 20 years with their entourage in tow. Ha ha…

Here was the first entourage…

Qiuwei with her hubby and two bubbly boys. Talked about being surrounded by men =p


And no, you’re not seeing double here… These cute little ‘meaty’ ones are twins- Charlotte and Claris!

Lastly, for old time’s sake… my OLD school mates. Ha ha…

One thought on “My old school mates

  1. What “OLD” school mates :P? We are at the age where this word is a little bit (just a wee bit) sensitive… please refrain from using this word to describe us hor *kok kok kok your head*

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