HSBC Treetop Walk

Last Saturday was my first time as a Singaporean to visit MacRitchie reservoir. But I am sure I am not alone. Ha ha…

With our foreign visitors in tow, we trudged along the 5km trail which led to the HSBC treetop walk. Btw, HSBC means holy shit bloody ‘chow’!

Ha ha… just kidding but that was what most of us were thinking as we walk, walk, walk and walk….

We walked until we finally reached the HSBC treetop bridge. And there was where I really said sibeh chow






Really felt cheated after walking so much for this treetop walk which promised a 2km scenic walk. It reality I think it was 500 metres only. The other 1.5km must be for the flight of steps to enter and to exit that place.

But it did kept one promise: We really saw alot of treetops. KNS lor… =p

After that, it was another long walk for us to civilisation. Though disppointed with the treetop walk part, but the long walk was a nice way of relaxing with nature. I like.

More pictures here>>>


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