Scary ride

There’s a Euro Fair happening beside the Woodlands MRT. I was there last week.

They have many interesting and ‘scary’ rides that will give you a brief adrenaline rush, but for a hefty price of cos. Minimum price is $7.50…

And here’s the ‘scariest’ ride of them all.

Make a guess…. ha ha…

GST: God-Sent-Token

I opened the letter box and received a pleasant surprise which I believe most of you had.

What was it?? The GST offset package.

This couldn’t have come at a better time to offset some bills. Ha ha…

It is really a “God-Sent-Token” offset package =p

Being flexible

One of the classic stories in the field of self-fulfilling prophecies is one of a computer in England that was accidentally programmed incorrectly. In academic terms, it labeled a class of “bright” kids “dumb” kids and a class of supposedly “dumb” kids “bright.” And that computer report was the primary criterion that created the teachers’ paradigms about their students at the beginning of the year.

When the administration finally discovered the mistake five and a half months later, they decided to test the kids again without telling anyone what had happened. And the results were amazing. The “bright” kids had gone down significantly in IQ test points. They had been seen and treated as mentally limited, uncooperative, and difficult to teach. The teachers’ paradigms had become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But scores in the supposedly “dumb” group had gone up. The teachers had treated them as though they were bright, and their energy, their hope, their optimism, their excitement had reflected high individual expectation and worth for those kids.

These teachers were asked what it was like during the first few weeks of the term. “For some reason, our methods weren’t working,” they replied. “So we had to change our methods.” The information showed that the kids were bright. If things weren’t working well, they figured it had to be the teaching methods. So they worked on methods. They were proactive; they worked in their Circle of Influence. Apparent learner disability was nothing more or less than teacher inflexibility.

* Case study taken from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey


Dear God, please help me to be flexible in how I relate with others. I want to be more like you in how you see the true potential of others as seen in the bible with Gideon when You called him a mighty warrior or young King David who you anointed as your king even when he was a shepherd boy.

Grant me the patience and the peace of heart and mind to trust in your good work in the lives of others. And may I be a instrument of change rather than destruction to their lives.


What an impact…

This is Patrice. He was my leader from Hope church. Though it has been almost 3 years since he left Hope, we still make effort to keep in touch.

We had dinner last night and whenever I think of him or meet him, the memories of our times together serving comes flashing naturally. I truly enjoyed those times of serving under his leadership. However, things happened and changed.

Looking back from where I am now, I know somehow it was God’s will for me. The period of shaking off the dust of that episode has built His word deep in me and refined my heart with God as His servant. 

Somehow the cascading affects of the change worked to His purpose in allowing those trials to train me as His leader. Now I can dare to say (with His grace) that even if no one else would be serving God around me, I will still choose to serve Him. My motivation is no longer determined by the approval of others or by any title like CL, shepherd or whatever L…  I am a Christian and I follow Christ. I obey His word. That simple. 

Till now I love this brother and have this deep respect for him. Back then, he looked beyond my appearance and background, and believed in me. He saw enough to see what God could do through me and discipled me. 

So a large part of who am I today is because of his impact in my life.

Thank you Patrice =)

God is faithful

Another faith-related experience…

As the ‘dust’ of the closure of the Breakthrough campaign settles, I realised how God has shown Himself faithful to me in terms of my personal pledge.

When the campaign intially begun, I remember I struggled with the amount (not much lar…) that I was led by HS to pledge. That time I was earning a mediocre income with a charity organisation (I won’t say the name =p), so it was difficult.     

However, God reminded me about having faith in Him in regards to my financial situation; to see beyond the present and what He could do to allow me to give to Him. That gave me confidence that for the next 20 months, He will increase my income in order to give Him. So in faith, I decided to give whatever little/much to Him. 

Now after 20 months, I calculated. My present income has increased by 50%. Wow… God is faithful and true to His word.

And just in case… I am not earning alot now ya… it was because my previous salary is low. Ha ha…

Soul Freshing

Last night was missions prayer nite with a small group of brothers and sisters. We prayed for Hope Rome and Hope HCMC. It was soul refreshing!


1. Sessions such as this never fails to overwhelm me with God’s love and draw me closer to Him and His will. It is amazing how tangible God and His love is as we engage with Him through earnest prayers over other people.

2. Being involved in this prayer group itself is part of my remarkable journey with God in regards to HCMC since 5 years ago. Though not clear how or where my involvement in this mission prayer group will lead me, but by faith I will go cos I am sure He has something instore. I truly believe.

I do believe that becos I have seen and experienced how from nothing in 2002- no direction; no team; no opportunities, He has brought me to have something now- hope and future to His vision.

HWA Alumni dinner

Had a chance to catch up with my ex-colleagues from the Handicap Welfare Association (HWA) a few days ago.

We most definitely had a hearty time eating and catching up…

Personally my 2 years at HWA has helped me much in working within corporate culture of an organisation. Especially in terms of “CC”- cover cacheng =p

Being a upfront and direct person, I had difficulty adapting to that sort of culture. However, thankfully there were colleagues who were geniune in their friendships.

And I thank God for them!

Starting from the left, presenting: Bessie, Gladys, Stephanie, Cassandra and me.

And not to forget my HWA buddy…. Beng Choon (below).

This is one great guy, friend and bro-in-Christ. Only thing is that he always think he handsome. Ha ha…

I think American Idol ex-contestant, Sanjaya Malakar also more handsome than him =p

On a serious note, Beng Choon has been one great blessing from God and I was privileged to witness how he eventually came to know God personally during my 2 years at HWA. And it was interesting that he kept an email correspondence that we shared then. Read here>>>

After reading it, I am thankful how God has brought us this far as friends =)