My family roots

The weekend over at Melaka was fruitful though tiring from the travelling up and down.

Another reason going back besides taking a break was to spend time with my family; visiting my roots.

I remember my childhood days where visits to Melaka were frequent for my family to spend time with my grandma and other relatives. But most of my relatives have already made Singapore their home.

Re-living my childhood memories is easy since most of the things in Melaka remains almost unchanged like the home my grandma lives. Even my aunties and uncles do not seem to age over the years.

This visit was primarily to celebrate my grandma’s 85th birthday. She has 9 sons and 1 daughter, so a grand total of 10 children. Grandchildren got aleast 13 and great grandchildren 5 and more on the way… Ha ha…

They say visiting your roots is good and I totally agree. When you study the past, you can understand the present and thus, be better prepared for the future.

For instance, most of my uncles love to drink. It made me realised why I picked the drinking bottle so easily in the past, cos I see them do it commonly when I was growing up. Indirectly, I modelled after them so that I could be part of them in order to be accepted as family.  

But of cos, family influence is just one factor. Ultimately, it’s the choices that we make in life as we assume responsiblity for our own lives.

In retrospect, now I see why God had commanded me to quit drinking; to free me and to change the curses to blessings on my family in the generations to come.

The future generations: My cousins, Jacintha and Aaron with grandma

In my own future family, I pray that I will be able to set an example of loving and serving God and His Church so that the generations of the next can model after and carry this lifestyle into their own families. Amen.

Off to Melaka

Taking off to Melaka over this weekend for my grandma’s birthday. Really looking forward to catching up with my cousins and catching up with God too.

This trip is a good personal retreat to sort some of my thoughts out and to regain His power in me. Need a re-charge. Please pray for me, I need a still heart. Thx! 

EPCglobal/RFID Singapore Forum 2007

I did my first real emcee-ing for the passed two days- yesterday and today!

This was an annual 2-day conference with speakers from around the globe attracting delegates who wanted to keep updated on the progress of Radio Frequencey Identification (RFID) technology in other parts of the world.


This to me was my first huge corporate event that I ever emcee-ed. My past gigs were for parties, weddings and work or church events. So I can thank God for all the training he had provided me with the opportunities when I had served others =)

The most embarassing part was attempting to roll out this Thai presenter’s name- Mr Panitarn Pavarolavidya.

You try it… Ha ha

Actually this EPCglobal which champions RFID global standards within world trade and industry is a very interesting and controversial topic. Using RFID you can know exact whereabouts (real-time) of your goods and information can be stored in the chip such as expiry date, source, manufactured date and etc…

For example: Wal-mart uses it with great effect to its global supply chain. 

With globalisation, this will definitely be very much part of our lives and thus fulfilling what many Christians have pointed as a prophesy in the book of Revelation. Whether this is true or not, this is another story.

But here’s one such claim to read>>>

Scary ride

There’s a Euro Fair happening beside the Woodlands MRT. I was there last week.

They have many interesting and ‘scary’ rides that will give you a brief adrenaline rush, but for a hefty price of cos. Minimum price is $7.50…

And here’s the ‘scariest’ ride of them all.

Make a guess…. ha ha…

GST: God-Sent-Token

I opened the letter box and received a pleasant surprise which I believe most of you had.

What was it?? The GST offset package.

This couldn’t have come at a better time to offset some bills. Ha ha…

It is really a “God-Sent-Token” offset package =p

Being flexible

One of the classic stories in the field of self-fulfilling prophecies is one of a computer in England that was accidentally programmed incorrectly. In academic terms, it labeled a class of “bright” kids “dumb” kids and a class of supposedly “dumb” kids “bright.” And that computer report was the primary criterion that created the teachers’ paradigms about their students at the beginning of the year.

When the administration finally discovered the mistake five and a half months later, they decided to test the kids again without telling anyone what had happened. And the results were amazing. The “bright” kids had gone down significantly in IQ test points. They had been seen and treated as mentally limited, uncooperative, and difficult to teach. The teachers’ paradigms had become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But scores in the supposedly “dumb” group had gone up. The teachers had treated them as though they were bright, and their energy, their hope, their optimism, their excitement had reflected high individual expectation and worth for those kids.

These teachers were asked what it was like during the first few weeks of the term. “For some reason, our methods weren’t working,” they replied. “So we had to change our methods.” The information showed that the kids were bright. If things weren’t working well, they figured it had to be the teaching methods. So they worked on methods. They were proactive; they worked in their Circle of Influence. Apparent learner disability was nothing more or less than teacher inflexibility.

* Case study taken from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey


Dear God, please help me to be flexible in how I relate with others. I want to be more like you in how you see the true potential of others as seen in the bible with Gideon when You called him a mighty warrior or young King David who you anointed as your king even when he was a shepherd boy.

Grant me the patience and the peace of heart and mind to trust in your good work in the lives of others. And may I be a instrument of change rather than destruction to their lives.