Thank God For HOPE

HOPE Singapore turned sweet 16 over the weekend and that accounts to 7 remarkable years with this church family and counting more ahead!

I can still recall the first time that I ‘blur blur’ stepped into a Hope service which was held at the Kreta Ayer Theatre.

My initial thoughts were, “Is this a church or some cult??” (=P)

I guess back then I was accustomed to the concept that a church service was to be held in some churchy building and not a shoddy and run-down theatre hall =p

But back again to my first step-in experience. Well, I think I can candidly say that life for me has never been the same again!

Why? Cos here I not only met God, but grew to know and love Him even more.

But of cos, Hope does have her shortcoming and imperfections, but one cannot doubt her commitment towards God, His word and His vision. And this can be consistently observed through our leaders’ lives especially our Pastors.

Thank God for their sacrificial lives! Cos without Hope, I dare to say that I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Thank God for Hope, for touching and changing my life!

NOTE: This is not a Hope membership recruitment exercise. Ha!


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