Be An Agent of CHANGE

Watch this stirring clip!

As a saying goes… “The only constant is CHANGE; we need to change ourselves, in order to change this world”

The question that now begs to be answered by us: Are we willing to be that agent of CHANGE?

10 thoughts on “Be An Agent of CHANGE

  1. Change the world?
    If one day, I found
    my clock is 6:14 ,
    my wallet left $6.14,
    my birthday is June 14th,
    my IC is S78000614,
    my door number 07-614,
    my phone no is 91180614,
    I flip the Bible, the Bible only left Genesis 6:14
    then see how?

    Then what shall I reply,
    Here I am, Sent me “more money” (Just joking please don’t take seriously)

  2. There are a lot of people say Change the world, change the world (talking is cheap).

    For me, I will change my world – my inner world, fill it with joy, dream and happiness.
    You feel good not because the world is right, but your world is right because you feel good.
    Then slowly the way of feeling good will influence other – that change the world.

    Like Evan Almighty, First, it influence Evan, then his family, then his community.

    He that is in you is greater than he is in the world. Right…………. 😛

  3. William:

    Yes I agree whole-heartedly with you on this “inside-out” approach of influencing change.

    So what and how would you be changing in your inner world? =p

    Share ok? Dun shy… Ha ha…

  4. Well, I don’t know for other people.
    For me, is more about the “being” state.
    You can see a lot of people keep doing and doing – and it become a routine. Soon they will lose their purpose and passion. Doing do not make you a human being, being is.
    Character and Attitude make you, but “being” build you up. During trial and tribulation, people’s character and attitude fall. They rely on their effort to move ahead, and they are not move ahead.
    Being is more about spiritual, you tap on the higher power to align your destiny. Character and Attitude are part of “being”.
    For people who keep on doing – then keep on doing.
    For me, I am human being (not human doing), therefore it is better for me to be the “being” state to align myself with the higher power of my Father (the Great I am)!
    One question, Do God doing anything in order for Him to become God?
    That is a “doing” question.
    But you can see, God is alway in the being state.
    I am that I am (he did not say I do this therefore I am that…….right)
    For everything He do, He do for the sake of His people. Not for Himself.
    I think I goes quite far away to explain that.
    Alamak! 😛

  5. Hi William

    I did some thinking and I want to add to your comments that though I agree that “being” is the main important thing, but it has to also accompanied with the “doing”.

    In the book of James it says that “Faith without deeds is dead”

    So we need to be “being” and “doing” at the same time.

    But as what you pointed out, our level of capacity of “doing” comes from our strength of the “being”.

    If we are “doing” more than what we can “Be”, then of cos we burnt out for sure.

    So the key is relying on Him.

    You agree?

  6. Yes, doing is part of being but being is not part of doing.
    Being is about Faith,
    Faith = Desire + Expection + Action
    Desire, is what we want.
    Expectation, is what we really believe about what we want.
    Action, is what we do today is the proof of what we exepct.
    Without Desire, you have not passion to fulfill
    the purpose, For Where your heart is where your treasure is.
    Without Exception, you do not really rely on God, a better word to put is Without Faith you can not really please God.
    When Jesus asked the blind men, Do you believe I can healed you?
    If the blind men’s reply is no, I think Jesus will turn His back and walk off.

    Coming is an action
    Being is a state of mind or intention
    Becoming is a state of mind or intention to take action.

    You see a lot of people doing, busy their lives away – thinking they will get ahead, but they are not getting. Without intention, you running on machine, using a lot of energy but you remind in the same position.

    Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a new result.

    Yes, I think we must change our alignment, of cause is to align with God.

    An normal Christian will do spiritual things, but supernatural Christian reborn with blood of Christ
    will do everything in Christ’s aspect.


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