Changing The World

Last Sunday I watched Evan Almighty. I was expecting a cheesy and lame movie, but instead I found the movie a good watch and value-for-my money!

It was particularly moving to watch the relationship between “God” and Evan. I think the producer did well in portraying God as one that is personal.

What I was reminded…

Many of a times we (like myself) want to do great things for God like changing the world by building His Church or extending His kingdom or running for office or doing humanitarian works. 

And all these by themselves isn’t wrong, but it becomes warped when we want to determine and persist the way we want to achieve it when we say it is for God.

Like Evan Baxter who ran for Congress office, he saw his politician position as the means to change the world. But after a prayer, God re-directed him to His way in changing the world- by building an ark (!?).

What I have learnt…

If I want to change the world for God, I have to do it His way (and not my way). Even if His way seems foolish at the price of losing popularity or status, I will have choose to obey Him all the way too.

One thought on “Changing The World

  1. yippie,

    glad that u enjoy the movie, hope you will always see the opportunites that God presented to you, in aid of answering your prayers.

    open your ‘eyes’ to see.

    i pray that more such movies will come by, my prebelieving brother, who watched it, gave me a 5 mins lecture on tellin me that is the way how God works, and that many Christians fail to see that.. etc, anything that can induce a conversation about God is cool. 🙂

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