Snapshots of HCMC

Now back in Singapore again, presenting some some shots here from my trip. 

Overview of HCM City’s skyline:

Taken from 25 storeys high in its Chinatown District area with its overcrowded buildings squeezed closely together.

Not exactly a pretty sight.

Roads are not even visible, so you can imagine how hellish traffic is like over there.

Sights at Vung Tau:

Vung Tau is located 130 km away from Ho Chi Minh City and is a favourite resort destination for those wishing to get away from the city. A two-hour drive away.

The big mount at the background is one of Vung Tau’s landmarks and it has a statue of Jesus erected on the top. The statue is a miniture replica of the one in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

Halfway up the big mount with its “postcard” scenes to indulge with the sea breeze blowing in your face. But not forgetting the scorching heat too.

The breath-taking view of the coastal strip from the top of the mount.

People and others:

Roadside stall offering fishball snacks served in “Indian Rojak” style.

The “rojak” includes dog meat too *Yum Yum*

Just kidding about the dog meat part. But isn’t this pooch cute??

The kids are also cute of cos…

My favourite bunch of kids whom i have visited in HCMC for the passed 3 years. Their smiles and mischevious antics never fails to refresh me.

They love posing for the camera. They will do anything to get their pictures on my camera =P

Lastly one of my favourite shots…


9 thoughts on “Snapshots of HCMC

  1. how can you found all cute kids?
    i like the last one, but the quality of the photo isnt good.This might take by cellphone ^^
    i can see Doreen behind

  2. *awwwww*… last photo’s sweet… Anyway, the kids are really adorable! Must be an enjoyable trip.. 🙂 May your prayer come to a past.

  3. in the last photo, if i may analyse it, haha..

    u had a tender yet fierce look as you held the baby gently yet strongly.

    you felt a fierce love to protect the little one. jealous for the baby in a good way. that’s why it’s your favourite photo. It’s like how God himself holds us in His arm. Isn’t it amazing that we fallen human beings can still experience some of that fierce intense love that God has for us?

  4. the kind of love that we instinctively have to protect a baby is like the kind of fierce jealous love that GOD has for us….

    except, that God’s love even more intense , even fiercer, and even stronger….

    He has caused to be written in Isaiah 49:14-16
    “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast
    and have no compassion on the child she has borne?

    Though she may forget, I will not forget you!

    See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;
    your walls are ever before me.”

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