Doing Something Right For Once

From the beginning, I treated this whole graduation thingy as a formality. For sure I didn’t need this blah blah blah ceremony, but it was for one main reason only. 

Apart from it being a milestone in my walk with God to attest of His transforming power and unconditional love in an incorrigable sinner’s life, it was a day that I eagerly awaited to honour my dad.

Andrew Ong and dadAfter reconciliation with God in 2000, He consequently mended the wounds between my dad and me. Now my dad has been an unwavering support to me and I have been drawn closer to him as a son and friend.

He has really sacrificed alot for not only me, but my two younger brothers too, in order that we might be set ahead for life.

In contrast of my delinquency days where I was only capable of bringing him only hurt and shame, at least I know that I was able to make him feel truly proud this one time in my life.

I thank God for being able to do something right for my dad for once.

I love you dad =)

One thought on “Doing Something Right For Once

  1. Hey Bro,

    Haven’t seen your dad for some time already.
    He must be real proud of you! Send my regards to him from my dad and family. He’s a real nice guy, like father like son…heeehee


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