Turning Adversity into An Opportunity

Lately, I have been reading the book of Daniel as part of my daily bible reading log. And this book has got me glued right from the first chapter!

I am really discovering and learning alot of biblical insights and principles from this book in respect to being an effective Christian in a marketplace.

Being a Marketplace Minister 

Daniel in the lions denDespite being immersed in Babylonian culture (worldy marketplace)  and hired by King Nebuchadnezzar (our boss) as his royal servants, Daniel and his three Jewish comrades (Christians) never forgot their identity as God’s chosen people.

They never once did forsake God and did what the Babylonians did. In fact, they held on to God with their dear lives even in the face of death.

One coherent principle that I have observed so far has been how Daniel and friends displayed great loyalty and trust in God in the face of extreme adversity.

Standing Firm in the Face of Adversity 

When faced with extreme adversity, it is normal to find a way to escape or in our terms siam . But not these guys.

They saw adversities as opportunities to exercise their faith and reliance on God. And the assuring results was God’s faithfulness seen thru their deliverance from their adverse situations.

Not only were these opportunities to exercise faith and rely on God, these were vital moments where God’s glory and power were showcased for the king and babylonians to be in awe. It was through their lives with their unwavering obedience and trust in Him that God was glorified and respected by the Babylonians.

Making God Stand Out in the Marketplace

When I read this, I realised the “opportunities” that are lying before me at my very workplace.  Initially, my reaction was to find a way out from the unpleasant situation in my organisation which I blogged in my previous entry. But now I see what I can and should do instead.

I pray that like Daniel and his comrades, I will use this situation as an opportunity to exercise my faith and reliance on God; not using my own rationale and experience to strategise.

My prayer is that through this, where the majority of others are being negative and “escaping”, my response to this adversity would be different. That way my God who is me will stand out from the rest and be noticed.

That’s how God can be and is glorified.

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