God Called Me Back

Some time or weeks back, I had unawaringly allowed the spirit of the world to seep into my soul. Through my work, I was filled with discontentment, hunger for recognition and a disdain-for-the-weak kind of attitude.

Thankfully this was brought to light during the recent team rally when Pastor Ben reinstated the leaders by reminding us of our calling in charging us towards our Q4 direction.

“If you are tired and have been thinking of taking a step back or to step down, don’t forget who called you,” he exclaimed.

Distracted by the world

Jesus called me backThat was a divine reminder and wake-up call. Cos during that period I was actually toying with the idea of taking a back seat or taking a step back from serving as His CL. I was tired.

However, I realised I was tired because my priorities had subtly shifted to chasing things of the world such as climbing the corporate ladder, craving for a bigger paycheck, etc….

This somehow was intertwined with my intention to be a better marketplace minister. And I was rationalising that I should be freeing myself from ministry responsibilities and investing more time and energy on my career development first.

Seeking His Kingdom first

“It is God who called you”

God really spoke through Pastor Ben to jostle me up and re-aligned me to His purpose, priorites and calling for me. I repented.

On hindsight, I am ashamed that I could even contemplate on letting go the spiritual authority and leadership that He had so graciously given me. Cos serving the Lord and His people is indeed a great and God-given privilege that I would have never taken for granted.

In all things, it will always be God and Your Church first as my main priority- functioning as my anchor, refuge and compass–  and with the other aspects of my life stemming from it.

2 thoughts on “God Called Me Back

  1. hi!
    have been looking thro’ ur blog.. ,) like the new interface (much like a publication) with your use of layout and images, still much to caught up on tho’ (can’t read a lot now cos i actually still got work ,P), well.. always food for reflection and thought.. ,)

    work is not easy for me to juggle with too, learning from u from this post and others..

    btw, congrats on ur graduation! yeah! hahar.. “苦尽甘来(ku jin gan lai)” lo.. (means when bitter ends sweetness come) ,P all the best!

  2. Thanks lihong for your well-wishes and I guess this is what all of us have to go through in our walk with Him in order to be stronger.

    The main thing for us to keep in mind is that we need to GROW through it and not just go through. And that is the tough part- to choose to grow though it.

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