A Christmas Conversation with a 7-Year Old

One of the highlights for me during this Christmas period was an interesting conversation that I had with my eldest niece, Jacqueline.

We were at the Christmas Rock event by City Harvest Children’s Church. And this unfolded towards the closing moments.

Jesus is God

“Who is Jesus?”

“Jesus is God.” (me shrieking with glee).

“Oh… so Jesus is like xxxxx.” (she mentioned one Chinese god name which I couldn’t catch)

“Yes, but Jesus is the real (true and living) God and He LOVES you!”

This exchange was going on in Mandarin and I did my best to explain with my limited vocab.

Making theology simple

Shortly after listening to the pastor’s message, she turned to me again and asked, “How come God the Father and Jesus is the same?

I replied, “Well, its like you and daddy. Both of you are different persons but share the same surname. Likewise, God the Father and Jesus though they are different persons but they are also the same.”

Explaining the theology to a 7-year old can be really challenging. I was not even sure if I replied correctly, but those were the words that was put in my mouth to answer.

Nonetheless, I thank God that my niece’s heart has been spiritually awakened. I pray that those ‘seeds’ of truth will one day bear the fruits of her salvation in Christ.