Some Ramblings at Work

Lately, work has been a dread. I dragged my feet to work almost everyday.

Not that I do not enjoy what I do, as I do (at least the main part of it). But things have not got any better, if not worse after the new term.

I have lost my enthusiasm for my job as I see us spending more time boot-licking and politicking when we should be focusing and spending our energy on delivering our KPIs if not exceedingly.

I really do not enjoy doing things just for the sake of doing things, which do not contribute to the growth of the organisation or truly benefit our clients in the long term. Everything we do seems to be reactive and not proactive.

I am almost reaching my second year with my present employer and I want to believe that my time there is almost up. Though I know what my next step should be, I am still waiting for the next door to open and his cue for me to leave.

Surprise by this post? I thought of showing the more human side of me that also experiences frustrations and disappointments in the humdrum of life. Ha ha…

Hmmm… I think its time to really plan for my exit. This recession might be a good period to take a sabbatical break.